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SSA Evil Component Set - 4ohm

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  • SSA Evil Component Set - 4ohm | Condition: New | Category: Speakers
  • SSA Evil Component Set - 4ohm
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SSA Evil Component Set

The first SSA Evil component set is finally here. Mating our amazing SSA Evil 1 large format silk dome tweeters, with our widely loved SSA Evil 65's mid-bass speakers are being teamed up through the extensively designed SSA Evil crossover.
Truly years in the making of testing and tuning to get it just right, while keeping costs under control, we have an absolute premium set of components WITHOUT the premium pricing.

SSA Evil 1 - 4 ohm - silk dome tweeter Our first dedicated tweeter is here, the SSA Evil1. Developed from the start, alongside the SSA Evil6.5’s, the all-new SSA Evil1 is meant for the discerning music fan that really cares about the quality of the music they are listening to. With a large silk dome and low Fs. the SSA Evil1 is very smooth and blends very well with the mid and mid-bass range. Using a sound transparent grill, you can be confident in the fact the tweeter will be safe for many years of excellent performance. Designed to be flexible for not only high-end car audio front stages, but premium bookshelf’s, and high-end home audio towers. In designing the SSA Evil1 we were able to pull off a large 28mm dome in a compact aluminum housing. If you are looking for shrill, piercing, PA-style high’s, this is not the tweeter for you. If you are looking for clarity and balance, at a reasonable price, don’t sleep on the new SSA Evil 1.

SSA Evil 1 Tweeter features:

  • Sold in a matched pair
  • 65 watts rms
  • 28mm silk dome with large roll surround
  • Aluminum faceplate and housing
  • Sound Transparent protective grill
  • Low Fs. for flexibility in both home and car audio applications
  • Neo Motor with shallow rear non-resonant aluminum chamber
  • SSA logo on mounting flange
  • 65 watts RMS with supplied cap
  • Designed and engineered in the USA

SSA Evil 1 T/S Specs:

SSA Evil 1 - 4ohm:

  • Re: 3.6 ohms
  • Fs.: 736.4 hz
  • Qms.: 0.635
  • Qes.: 1.05
  • Qts.: 0.39
  • SPL 1w/1m: 93

SSA Evil1 Tweeter installation:

  • 21.5mm Mounting depth
  • 48.5mm cut out
  • 1 lbs. each
  • 61.9 mm (2.44") diameter flange

SSA Evil6.5 Mid-bass woofer features:

  • Evil 65:
  • 125 watts rms
  • Carbon Fiber cone for rigidity, low moving mass and smooth transient response
  • Copper voice coil for warmth and power handling
  • FEA optimized Underhung motor design for excellent sound quality
  • Shorting ring to drastically reduce inductance
  • Extended solid pole piece for increased motor strength
  • Nomex spiders for long lasting performance and cone control
  • Y30 High Energy Ferrite Magnet
  • Large push terminals for ease of connection and larger speaker wire
  • High excursion rubber surround
  • Aluminum cast basket with multiple mounting holes for no frame resonance and great mounting flexibility
  • Aluminum former for heat dissipation
  • Phase plug
  • SSA magnet boot to protect the motor
  • Designed and engineered in the USA to be quite versatile for many applications, great in both car audio and home audio

SSA Evil6.5 Mid-bass woofer specs:

  • 4 ohm single voice coil option
  • Frequency response 45hz - 4500hz
  • Re: 3.3 ohm
  • Fs: 65.49hz
  • Sd: .01474m2
  • BL: 6.494 T
  • Qms: 6.6
  • Qes: 0.51
  • Qts: 0.474
  • SPL: 89.9 db 1W/1m
  • Vas: 11.495L
  • Cms: 372.51
  • Mms: 15.854g
  • Xmax: 6mm one-way

SSA Evil6.5 Mid-bass installation:

  • 3.1" total depth
  • 2.85" Mounting depth
  • 5.7" cut out
  • 6.5 lbs. each
  • sealed box: 0.3 cubic foot - f3 = 97.7Hz - Qtc: 0.707
  • ported box: 0.69 cubic foot - f3 = 51.82hz - 2" diameter / 0.9" long port
SSA Evil 4 ohm, Component Crossovers

Designed specific to our SSA Evil speakers in 4 ohm. Crossovers are sold as a pair for the SSA Evil 1 tweets & SSA Evil 65 mid-bass speakers. Bi-Ampable via jumpers in = single amp & jumpers out. = bi amp.

Crossover specs:
  • 24db electrical slope / 36db acoustic slope on the woofer
  • 18db electrical slope / 24db acoustic slope on the tweeter
  • 2,000Hz crossover point
  • 4th electric / 6th acoustic on the woofer and
  • 3rd electric / 4th acoustic on the tweeter

When installing, use #6 screws for mounting holes.

Veteran-built in the USA.
Note: Speaker wire not provided with component set.
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