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Crescendo FMB 10 - 10" Mid Bass

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Crescendo FMB 10
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  • Crescendo FMB 10 -  10" Mid Bass
  • Crescendo FMB 10 -  10" Mid Bass
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The renowned UN series has become one of the most popular high SPL contenders in the pro midrange/midwoofer market.
We started working on monster midbass series to complete our pro audio lineup through countless hours of testing and prototyping in 2020. The FMB series is the result of that goal and meets and exceeds our expectations just as the UN series accomplished. The FMB series is engineered to gift car audio enthusiasts the front stage pass to the exhilarating, chest thumping midbass you crave.
The FMB 10" is a loudspeaker that is geared for midbass and smooth frequency response into the 3khz region. We recommend using it in high power/high SPL 2 way or 3 way installs. A Un1 horn tweeter can take over from the mid 3khz region in a 2 way mids/highs application or you may run the FMB10 as a dedicated midbass driver in a 3way midbass/horn/tweeter configuration.

FMB-10 10” Specifications:

  • High density treated pulp fiber cone for minimal breakup and maximum transient kick.
  • 3" dual wound Copper Coil for optimal cone control
  • Giant Y40 Grade Ferrite Motor with 1 piece vented T-Yoke and Top plate
  • Copper shorting ring
  • Heavy Gauge floating Tinsel leads
  • Cast Aluminum Frame

Minimum Suggested Power 300w RMS
Recommended Power 600w RMS
Transient Burst Capable 800w RMS

dBSPL 1w/1m: 97dB
Fs: 67hz
Usable Frequency response: 60-3800hz

Mounting Dimensions:
  • Overall Diameter: 10 1/4"
  • Hole Cutout: 9 3/16"
  • Mounting Depth: 4"
  • Flush mount Depth: 5/8"
  • Magnet Diameter: 7.5"
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