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240 Amp High Output Alternator For 2006 - 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L

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Most Alternators Are Custom Built To Order. Standard Build Time Is 2-3 Weeks. If You Need An Alternator Sooner Than That, Please Contact A Sales Associate To See If Any In-Stock Options Are Available.
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  • 240 Amp High Output Alternator For 2006 - 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L | Condition: New | Category: Electrical
  • 240 Amp High Output Alternator For 2006 - 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L
  • 240 Amp High Output Alternator For 2006 - 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L
  • 240 Amp High Output Alternator For 2006 - 2011 Honda Civic 1.8L
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All 170, 240 and 320 applications are built using the same regulator found in our 400 amp alternator offerings. *** Please take special note that your vehicles battery light will illuminate using this application but will still charge perfectly fine.*** Honda's use an ELD programming which is not optimal for someone needing double or even triple the amount of amperage in an aftermarket upgraded alternator. These alternators will be supplied with a simple 1 wire harness(P101) which will connect to a 12v switched source from the vehicle(ex. fuse box circuit). This must be connected to function properly and your factory alternator plug will not be used. This is also great for customers running CMAX and/or higher voltage required batteries as you can increase your voltage with our special Lithium(CMAX) charging harness, the P101-L.

Honda ELD defined: The ELD is essentially a current transformer that monitors the amount of current draw the car is pulling from the battery. This amount varies from time to time depending on what you have turned on (various electrical devices). The ELD will output .1 - 4.8 volts to the ECU. This reference voltage is what tells the ECU to increase or decrease the field strength in the alternator, which in turn bumps up the output of the alternator. Since all aftermarket electrical feeds are pretty much tapped off of the positive terminal of the battery, the current path is not flowing through the ELD. What does this do? All of the amplifiers, LCD monitors, and pretty much anything else that isn't fed through the factory wiring of the car draw a lot of current. Since the ELD isn't detecting any additional current draw from the battery, it is going to keep the alternator's output at minimum (12.3 volts) - just enough to keep the battery charged, plus enough to run the systems of the car.

MechMan S Series 6-phase alternators offer incredible output in a compact and durable package. The 170 amp model offers a substantial increase in output over stock applications at a great price and uses a stock diameter pulley so a shorter belt is not required like the 240 and 320 versions. The best balance between peak output, and output at engine idle RPM will be our 240 amp version and the 320 amp model are all about max power and not designed to charge well at low idle speeds. Both S Series alternators feature 12 diodes, twin rectifier plates, and outstanding airflow ensure long service life, even in severe conditions.

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Warranty Information

2 Year Performance Guarantee.

The MechMan two year warranty applies to Mechman Alternators sold ON or AFTER 07/13/2011. This limited two year warranty allows the customer to return his or her MechMan alternator for repair for a full two years after the alternator purchase date. This warranty does not cover other parts or equipment on the vehicle, and does not cover labor for removal or installation of the alternator. This warranty is VOID if the MechMan alternator is modified, physically abused, misused, improperly installed, or is not used in the application for which it was designed. The MechMan two year warranty is non-transferrable. The customer must include a copy of the original invoice when sending in their alternator in order to receive warranty service. The customer is responsible for shipping the alternator to the Mechman facility for warranty service, Mechman will pay return shipping back to the customer for all alternators under warranty. As an added service, MechMan will also service any MechMan alternator of any age or condition for the cost of parts and return shipping. (We provide the labor to repair the alternator for free!)

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