SoundQubed Q-EB02 Sport Ear Buds

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SoundQubed Q-EB02 Sport Ear Buds
Music is energy for life, and the SoundQubed EB02 earbuds are specifically designed to keep you moving forward by delivering exceptional comfort, style and an immersive listening experience The EB-02’s are perfect for the active daily listener. They feature our unique Q-Tip system that nestles within the ear where it comfortably and securely locks into place while positioning the earbud for optimal sound transfer. The Q-Tip system offers two modes of adjustable stability. They come set to soft for easy in and out, or if you’re going beast mode you can flip the Q-Tip over for a more secure fit.

10mm speaker
Rated power:2mW
length: 4ft
sensitivity: 105±3dB
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Distortion:≤1% At 1KHz
Frequency response:20~20KHz
Gold Plated 3.5mm plug
Metal-Alloy housing: With SQ Logo
Slim Microphone: For phone operations
Silicone Earbud tips: For comfortability
Ear keepers for jogging or active movement