NVX XRE100A ComfortMax Angled Cushions

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NVX XRE100A ComfortMax Angled Cushions
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ComfortMax® Angled Earpads
ComfortMax® earpads are made with plush protein leather and are over-stuffed to provide superior comfort for long listening sessions. This set of angled earpads give you a fit more contoured to the shape of the head; many listeners have found this angled design to be even more comfortable than traditional flat cushions. To replace your cushions in a matter of seconds, simply twist off the old earpads, twist the new ones on, and you're ready to enjoy any musical activity!

Product Features:
-Replacement Standard Cushions
-Featuring ComfortMax® technology
-Designed for use with XPT100
-Provides non-fatiguing comfort during long listening sessions
-Also available in Standard Fit