NVX XPT100: Studio Over-Ear Headphones

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NVX XPT100: Studio Over-Ear Headphones
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XPT100: Perfect 10 Studio Over-Ear Headphones

When we designed our Perfect10 Studio Over-Ear Headphones, we found that most manufacturers design their headphones like a fashion accessory, while comfort, functionality, & quality are often neglected. Our XPT100 headphones look great, but they sound and feel even better. The rich, full sound is produced by a pair of robust 42mm drivers, perfectly tuned to deliver exquisite tonality across a broad frequency range. Oversized leather earcups make these the most comfortable headphones we’ve ever used. The 64 ohm impedance makes the Perfect10’s perfectly compatible with iPods & MP3 players, and allows them to thrive with a headphone amplifier or other high-powered source. Pick up a pair, and you’ll know why we called them the Perfect10!

-Exceptionally accurate acoustical performance
-Smooth, even tonality is ideal for studio monitoring & mixing
-Large 42mm neodymium drivers bring depth & dimension to music
-Two sets of ComfotMaxTM Cushion Earpads
-Heat Sensitive, low-rebound memory-foam padding
-Wrapped in comfortable and flexible protein leather
-One natural fit set engineered to match your head contours
-One standard set also included
-Balanced detachable cable with gold-plated connectors
-Breathable oversized leather ear pads provide maximum comfort & superior isolation
-64 impedance is compatible with portable devices & excels with amplification
-Wide frequency response (10Hz-26KHz) captures the full musical spectrum
-Ulta-Low <0.2% THD allows for optimal fidelity during playback

More About This Product:
Ultimate Comfort with ComfortMax:
ComfortMax earpads are the key to our claim that the XPT100 are “The World’s Most Comfortable Studio Headphones.” They are made from an irresistibly supple protein leather material, unique in its balance of richness and breathability. The XPT100 comes with two sets of earpads, one of which is a traditional flat design, while the other is angled to follow the contours of your head. The cups rotate to lock/unlock, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between the different styles.

EnvyFlex Headband:
The incredibly flexible headband of the XPT100 makes for both an exceptionally custom fitting, and an outstandingly durable headphone. We’ve all dropped a pair of headphones, or pulled on one side harder than the other while removing them – now you don’t have to worry about a brittle headband cracking or snapping apart. The XPT100 can be twisted nearly 180°, and are adjustable to fit any sized head.

What's inside the box:
-XPT100 Headphones with comfort max ear pads
-1.2m Detachable cord and 3.0m Detachable cord
-1/4" Stereo adaptor
-Angled comfortmax ear pads
-carrying case