Luxury Liner Pro Single Sheet Bundle w/ Spray Adhesive

Luxury Linder Pro Single Sheet w/ Spray
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Product Description
Luxury Liner Pro Bundle With High Temperature Spray Adhesive Included!!!! Luxury Liner Pro is our best automotive noise barrier. This box includes one 9 sqft sheet of Luxury Liner Pro Mass loaded Vinyl with our Second Skin High Temperature Spray Adhesive included.
Apply this mass loaded vinyl barrier on top of a vibration damper like our Damplifier Pro mat, in order to block airborne sound waves & create luxury car silence.
If your goal is tomb-like silence, Luxury Liner Pro is a must.

Sheet size = 24" x 54" (9 sq. feet)
Thickness = Approximately 1/4"
Mass/Area = 1.0 lbs. per sq foot
Total weight per sheet = 9 lbs. per sheet

* Requires contact spray adhesive (1 can per 4 sheets)

Due to the weight of the high quality mass loaded vinyl we use in this product, you may have issues applying it to the underside of horizontal surfaces, such as the ceiling of your car. if you are worried about these issues, we recommend Heat Wave or Heat Wave Pro as an excellent alternative! Enjoy your new more luxurious ride!

Noise Reduction Uses...
Luxury Liner Pro is designed to go on top of our vibration dampers to filter out, and block the transfer of the most difficult airborne sound waves. When used on top of Damplifier or Damplifier Pro, Luxury Liner Pro can help make any car quiet as a brand new luxury vehicle.
The mass laoded vinyl barrier is very flexible and exceeds the industry standard for noise reduction uses. The closed cell foam decoupler is waterproof and extremely limp, allowing for easier installation and better noise reduction.
The two components are not glued together, rather they are melted together for a perfect and permanent bond, stronger than any vinyl adhesive can provide.

Mobile Audio
The quieter your car is, the louder and cleaner your stereo system will appear to be. The less noise your audio system has to fight with, the more music you hear.
Because Luxury Liner Pro does such a good job at killing road noise, engine noise and exhaust drone, the stereo has less sonic territory to fight for. With less unwanted noise the vehicle, the music has nothing to compete with so it sounds louder to the listener.

Thermal Insulation
Although Luxury Liner pro is designed to kill road, engine and exhaust noise, it also reduces heat very well. So well infact that it is the most popular mat we sell for blocking heat inside the cabin of the car.
For best thermal-acoustic insulation results, apply a layer of Luxury Liner Pro on top of our cld vibration damper, Damplifier Pro inside the car.
Ther is no better combination of product for reducing unwanted heat in the automotive industry!
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