DC Audio Level 5 15 3.5 M4 3000w Subwoofer

DC Audio Level 5 15 3.5 M4
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  • DC Audio Level 5 15 3.5 M4 3000w Subwoofer
  • DC Audio Level 5 15 3.5 M4 3000w Subwoofer
  • DC Audio Level 5 15 3.5 M4 3000w Subwoofer
  • DC Audio Level 5 15 3.5 M4 3000w Subwoofer


Here it is, the m4 version of the Lv5 subwoofer. Built for ground pounding and taking abuse in or out of the competition lanes. When we went to the drawing board with this one, we were looking to make improvements in cooling, motor force and soft parts. With the re-enforced surround, solid pole, machined cooling vents and a 3.5" coil, we accomplished all of those things and then some.

To really step it up with this driver take a look at the Carbon Fiber options available for it. The end result is a sub that has extreme amounts of output for the SPL lanes but reliable enough for a high-powered daily system.

Key Features 
• Extremely rigid non-pressed paper cone assembly
• Multilayered reinforced polymer foam surround
• Dome propylene dust cover with White DC logo
• 8”OD semi cup progressive roll spiders
• Extra heavy duty interweaved tinsel lead wire
• Cast aluminum black frame
• FEA analyzed and optimized motor assembly – Fully CNC machined
• Rubber mounting gasket
• Chrome spring loaded push terminals
• DVC 3.5” 8 Layer Hi-temp Aluminum voice coil wound on a stainless steel voice coil former
with high current input strips.

12" 15" 18"
Mounting Depth 8.5 9.75 11
Mounting Hole Diameter 11" 14" 16.75"
Outside Driver Diameter 12.5" 15.7" 18.5"
Weight 81.5lbs 82lbs 84lbs
VC Diameter 3.5" Flat 8 layer 3.5" Flat 8 layer 3.5" Flat 8 layer
Displacement .20³ ft .24³ ft .26³ ft
Magnet Weight 79.5lbs 79.5lbs 79.5lbs
Power Handling RMS/Peak


3500/5000 3500/5000
Impedance (Ohm) D.7/D1/D1.4/D2 D.7/D1/D1.4/D2 D.7/D1/D1.4/D2
Sd 494.00 cm² 791.00 cm² 1159.00 cm²
Suggested Sealed N/A N/A N/A
Suggested Ported 1.5³ ft 3.0³ ft 5.5³ ft
  • 8ga Direct Leads- This upgrade adds 18" of 8ga OFC wire for your leads instead of using the stock push terminals
  • Carbon Fiber Dustcap- This upgrade adds their Carbon Fiber Dustcap to your subwoofer.
  • Carbon Fiber Cone- This packages adds their full Carbon Fiber Cone to your Subwoofer. The purchase of a Carbon Fiber Dustcap is required with this package.
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