Crescendo Logic F-31HP Battery AGM PowerCell

Crescendo Logic F-31HP Battery AGM PowerCell
  • Crescendo Logic F-31HP Battery AGM PowerCell
  • Crescendo Logic F-31HP Battery AGM PowerCell


The Crescendo Logic Forte series batteries are designed for exactly what Car Audio Enthusiasts need. Higher Internal AGM Plate Density than normal AGM batteries for relatively less internal resistance, which significantly improves high rate discharging as today’s high current car amplifiers require immediate current availability.

F-31HP General Features: 12volt PowerCell 120AH Reserve Capacity

Designed for rear battery support for your system, but is an excellent choice for under hood applications if space permits in your engine bay. A single F-31HP in the rear with a 300amp or greater high output alternator can properly supply current/power to up to a 5000watt system! Sealed, Leak-Proof Maintenance free operation Exceptional Deep Discharge recovery Performance. Pure Virgin Lead and Electrolytes for low self-discharge and deep discharge recovery Performance. Fiberglass Reinforced ABS Sandwiched Case allows for consistent performance in extreme vibration environments as well as being very resistive to cracking from excessive long term cold weather or even some accidental impacts. Mount in any position other than upside-down. Nickel plated Copper Set screw terminals with hardware included for convenient installation. 3 Year Limited Warranty

Safety tips to ensure Battery Quality and Long Term Reliability in your high power car audio system:

Do not charge the batteries over 15.1v Do not Over-tighten output terminals. Keep away from Sparks/fire

Installation dimensions: 13” D x 6.8” W x 8.5” H Weight: 74lbs

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