Alphard DB-W80 8ОНm

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Alphard DB-W80 8ОНm
Designed exclusively for fans of loud sound. The frequency response of 50 - 1000 Hz, means that the direct use of the speakers are intended to be used in three-component systems only. This midbass with amazing specifications can be used with the loudest midrange professional speakers The huge 3" voice coil and a powerful motor provide nominal RMS power of 250 watts.

Model: DB-W80
Type: Mid-bass speakers
Size: 8 inch
Frequency Response: 50-1000 Hz
VC Size: 3 inch
Package Quantity: 1 Pcs.
Cone Material: Paper
Magnet material: Ferrite
Surround Material: Cloth
RMS Power: 250 W
MAX Power: 500 W
Impedance: 4 / 8 Ohm
Frame: Alu
Mounting Depth: 90 mm
Cut-out dimensions: 187 mm
SPL @ 1w/1m: 92.7 dB
Fs: 51 Hz