Warden 21 Incriminator Audio 21" 3500W Warden Series

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Warden 21 Incriminator Audio 21" 3500W Warden Series
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Re•serve: [ri-zurv], verb (used with object): to set apart for a particular use, purpose, to withhold.

The Reserve Series is our signature line of ultra-high performance drivers that are designed to deliver flawless results and non-compromised engineering. The 2017 Warden is designed to surpass the first & second generation Warden in every way, from durability and power handling to less overall weight. The Warden is the next generation of all out SPL monsters. Forget everything you’ve seen until this point. The Warden is the world’s first true column based neodymium subwoofer that incorporates a common steel top plate. Having one common top plate allows the Warden to generate a uniform amount of magnetic flux throughout the entire gap. This results in a much stronger subwoofer and ultimately higher SPL levels than other SPL subwoofers.

Available in Dual 1 and Dual 2 standard as well a 12”, 15”, 18” and 21" models.
Options Include:
  • RCC – Reserve Coil Change - Dual 0.35, Dual 0.50, Dual 1.0
  • DC – Direct Connect
  • DU – Dustcap Laminated Print Upgrade