SoundQubed HDS208 8" 600W RMS

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SoundQubed HDS208 8" 600W RMS

The HDS208 is your cost efficient 8" woofer designed with familiar SoundQubed reliability and performance. This woofer is a beast at 600W RMS. It features a cast frame, a 2.5" copper coil and back plate venting to cool it in the tightest situations.

The high efficiency starts with a strong 2.5" voice coil with high temperature adhesives and coil wire ensure long therm reliable performance that is unheard of at these price points. The HDS208's double magnet motor is over-sized to provide high output levels with precision and control. The plates are coated with corrosion resistant epoxy paint which also increases the outflow of heat from the voice coil. The SoundQubed Street Duty 200 subwoofers are the new choice for savvy installers looking to combine high performance systems with a screaming deal.

• 2.5" Coil
• Double Stack Magnet
• Cast Basket
• Push Connectors
• Vented Back Plate and Pole Piece

T/S Parameters:
* Piston Diameter = 161.9 mm
* f(s)= 44.41 Hz
* R(e)= 1.15 Ohms
* Z(max)= 11.28 Ohms
* Q(ms)= 5.785
* Q(es)= 0.660
* Q(ts)= 0.592
* V(as)= 4.393 liters     (0.155 cubic feet)
* L(e)= 1.12 mH
* n(0)= 0.06 %
* SPL= 79.55 1W/1m
* M(ms)= 174.10 grams
* C(ms)= 0.07 mm/N
* BL= 9.22