EVIL 12 Sound Solutions Audio 12" 3250W EVIL Series Subwoofer

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EVIL 12 Sound Solutions Audio 12" 3250W EVIL Series Subwoofer

When your sub bass goal is nothing but supreme, unrestrained performance without compromise, the choice is the SSA Evil.  The capabilities of the SSA Evil put it in very exclusive company at the zenith of the marketplace.  This is where you look first for the ultimate 'ground pounder' that will not miss or muddy a note.  Crisp and clean across the entire frequency range for those demanding outstanding linear performance thanks to an FEA optimized motor.

Employing a massive triple stack motor, five sandwiched 10" progressive Nomex spiders, an anodized vented Aluminum former, a huge 4-layer 4" flat wound Aluminum coil and a towering 'Venturi' solid pole, the SSA Evil has the muscle to handle almost anything you can throw at it.

The SSA Evil is also a top pick for extreme level SPL and bass-boxing competitors alike, while still having the composure for the elite home audio projects.  A versatile monster that will meet the most critical low frequency demands while achieving extreme output levels when called upon.  Sonic performance so vicious, it had to be deemed Evil.

T/S Specifications

  • D1 D2
  • Fs 29.2hz 29.6Hz
  • RE 1.0 2.0
  • QMS 6.41 6.48
  • QES .46 .46
  • QTS .45 .45
  • MMS 391g 377g
  • CMS 85.6 85.6
  • SD 480cm^2
  • VAS 26.8 l
  • BL 17.03 24.08