Ascendant Audio Team 18 AA Team Series 18" 4000W Subwoofer

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Ascendant Audio Team 18 AA Team Series 18" 4000W Subwoofer

The TEAM Series of subwoofers is designed to meet the needs of the serious competitor and and monster basshead. With a massive 4″ voicecoil for increase thermal capacity, we designed the rest of the motor via FEA to optimize the proprietary US steel. Using three ultra-high grade Y38 magnets, a flux flow derived back plate geometry, and a solid pole featuring a venturi cooling system, there is plenty of thermal capacity in the TEAM Series.

Our hybrid suspension makes use of multiple spiders of alternating compliance coupled with our FOAD lead system to keep the moving assembly under control at extreme excursion levels. The reworked surround geometry on the 15″ and 18″ models optimizes cone area vs excursion yielding the most output vs excursion. The 2015 TEAM Series is designed for competition use and monster daily driving systems requiring high linearity and extreme power handling. From a punishing low end to the subtle nuances in your favorite reference track, the new TEAM Series delivers.

  • Monster Daily Subwoofer
  • 15" and 18"
  • Dual 1 and Dual 2 Ohm models
  • Triple stack FEA optimized motor
  • 4" 4 layer aluminum coil
  • Triple layer reinforced collar
  • Four heavy compliance 10" spiders
  • Ultra rigid reinforced cone body
  • Hybrid foam surround
  • 6 spoke cast Aluminum basket
  • Wrap round rubber gasket
  • Carbon Fiber Dust Cap
  • FOAD Lead Wire System
  • 4000W RMS

Coils Dual 1 Ω / Dual 2 Ω
Re 0.65 Ω / 1.35 Ω
Fs 31.6 Hz / 31.7 Hz
Qms 9.99 / 10.13
Qes 0.39 / 0.39
Qts 0.38 / 0.38
Mms 579.3g / 566.9 g
Sd 1210 cm^2
Vas 89.9 l
SPL 90.4 / 90.6 1W/1m
Bl 19.5 / 28.1 Tesla Meters
Xmax 33mm (one-way)
RMS 4000w
Mounting Depth 11.750″
Cutout Diameter 16.750″
Overall Diameter 18.500″
Driver Displacement 0.26 cuft
Driver Weight 92 lbs